The DSDM Atern Handbook

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DSDM Atern is the leading, proven, agile approach providing the governance and rigour along with the agility and flexibility organisations demand today. DSDM Atern can be used either stand-alone or combined with other recognised methods such as PRINCE2TM, MSP and PMI. It is also ideal as a wrapper for more limited agile approaches to ensure that the whole project lifecycle is addressed. Atern is a proven 'battle hardened approach' and has been responsible for the successful delivery of innumerable projects around the world. Its provenance across both IT and non-IT contexts goes back to 1994 with substantial productivity gains independently verified by the UK Software Metrics Association. The DSDM Consortium operates on a collegiate model and this handbook represents the culmination of contributions from many experts over many years. This handbook is intended to support study and continued professional development in the field of agile project management. It shows how the Atern lifecycle can be applied to address the business need, mitigate risk and maximise the return on investment. As such, it represents essential reading for anyone wishing to become a certified professional as demanded by so many employers in today's market. The content is based on what we describe as the Atern core. That is - it dispenses with generic practice that can be readily found elsewhere and is not side-tracked by niche specialist usages. In this way, the handbook remains cogent and concise throughout. The Atern Handbook represents the very latest in knowledge and learning around delivering project success.There is an online version of the same core material available at that is free to view and free to use by individuals within their own organisations as well as a growing catalogue of extended guidance in pocket books, case studies and white papers dealing with optional depth and detail on how Atern and/or specific aspects of it has been applied to projects and combined with other methods.


Caveat : it is recommended that a customer looking to read up on this topic would normally purchase either the AgilePM Handbook or the DSDM Atern Handbook, unless studying for both sets of exams.