Agile Project Management and Scrum Pocketbook v2

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The Agile Project Management and Scrum pocketbook v2 is a customisation of the AgilePM® framework tailored specifically to meet the needs of Scrum projects.

Andrew Craddock

Available as a paperback 

Developing software to support the fluctuating needs of a busy and thriving business is a challenge. Strong collaboration between
business and technical stakeholders is essential even though that can sometimes feel like trying to mix oil and water. The landscape
we work across is often complex, spanning multiple organisations and territories. Managers who know how to pull the right people
together to achieve this effectively are key.

The Scrum framework provides an approach that has been widely adopted for incremental team-based software delivery. The beauty
of Scrum is its simplicity with few events and roles a team needs to learn. However, there are a few gaps and unanswered questions
that a business adopting Scrum may need to resolve to use Scrum effectively.

Often these lie outside the realm of software development and require communication channels and shared understanding to be established before any code gets written.

This handy guide provides practical answers for how you can embed Scrum into a broader project lifecycle in an Agile way.

Andrew has distilled some tried and tested techniques for Agile Project Management that compliment the Scrum framework and
increase chances of success. Dip into this guide for some excellent tips on how to stay Agile with project management and get the best from Scrum.

Rachel Davies, author of “Agile Coaching”


Andrew Craddock

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