Agile For Managers - Successful Teams that Deliver

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Are you ready for new ways of working that can greatly improve what you do? Would you like to know how self-organised teams can help your organisation become more productive and creative, while increasing customer satisfaction and securing happy and motivated employees? All at the same time?
If so, then this is the book for you.

This book provides you with answers to some of the questions you encounter as an operative leader and manager. Even though agile approaches such as Scrum. Lean and others have demonstrated great success in many different areas over the past fifteen years, management issues attached to implementation have oten proved a great challenge. Surrounding values and cultures in the organisation often make it difficult to succeed.

This book will also give you a large number of principles, practices and tools from the best of agile frameworks. You will learn how management and customers can protect, energise and get the most out of agile teams. You will also discover how you can set up your organisation to make sure you get long-term, reliable results- not just a single successful delivery.