towards an Agile Culture

Towards an Agile Culture

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The Agile Business Consortium has been developing its thinking on culture, and specifically what Agile Culture means for organisations of all shapes and sizes. This paper takes the results of our comprehensive research into Agile Culture and sets out a vision of what it could mean for your organisation.


Business Agility

Business agility is concerned with the adoption and evolution of values, behaviours and capabilities that enable businesses and individuals to be more adaptive, creative and resilient when dealing with complexity, uncertainty and change, leading to improved well-being and better outcomes.

To be truly Agile, an organisation needs to operate in a very different way, with leadership, values and norms all reinforcing the culture. To help define and create Agile Culture is one of the objectives of the Agile Business Consortium.


The Culture and Leadership Workstream

Culture and Leadership is essential for an organisation to function effectively both on a day to day basis as well as during times of change. The Agile Culture and Leadership workstream was established to develop the Agile, people-centric foundations that underpin and contribute to the wider business agility agenda and the Consortium’s Framework for Business Agility.

Our first paper on Agile Culture and Leadership explained how the concepts of Communication, Commitment and Collaboration were key. These concepts were further developed by the “9 Principles of Agile Leadership” that define the ideal behaviours shown by Agile leaders.

This paper defines and describes Agile Culture based upon research undertaken, underpinned by robust theories and the work do so far by the Agile Culture and Leadership workstream. The paper also explains the symbiotic relationship between culture and leadership and how it shapes and influences change within organisations.