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The Launch of AgilePM and Digital Services

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By Marketing Team | 1 May 2018

AgilePM and Digital Services - a new course to support the Agile evolution of digital public services, aligned to the GOV.UK Service Manual


The UK Government is recognised as a world leader in digital government, topping the UN E-Government Survey index for both development and e-participation. This has been led by the UK’s Government Digital Service (GDS) with its tenacious focus on user needs, common design principles, openness, balance between the needs of citizens and government… and Agility.

In the UK, unlike almost anywhere else in the world, government is ahead of the private sector in the adoption of Agile methods in service development. Agile is mandated by GDS for many central government digital services, and both the National Health Service and local government are developing their own related digital standards with Agile at their heart.

In response to the special complexity of government, GDS has created the GOV.UK Service Standard and supporting Service Manual, which defines a development lifecycle for digital services (user needs-discovery-alpha-beta-live) and provides a set of design standards and a host of supporting guidance.

But the scale and complexity of public sector digital transformation is enormous, and some are now questioning the wisdom of the focus on Agile methods in service evolution. Our own user research, talking to the people doing the work within government departments, told us that people need more support and guidance in how to put the GOV.UK Service Manual into practice.

At the Agile Business Consortium, we are confident that Agile is key to delivering better, faster, more cost-effective public services, and we believe it’s time for the wider Agile community to step up the cross-sector Agile learning, to the benefit of both government and the private sector.

Our first contribution is AgilePM and Digital Services.

How and when can I get involved?

Private beta has now closed, public beta will be launched August 2018, accredited by APMG International.