The DSDM Agile Project Framework for Scrum

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The DSDM Agile Project Framework is an abstraction of DSDM Atern designed to complement other Agile approaches in an environment where a defined project approach is either expected or will add value.  This version of the Agile Project Framework has been tailored specifically to complement Scrum.

Since 2001, Andrew Craddock has worked with many different and diverse clients helping hundreds of people embrace more Agile ways of thinking and working.  He is a founding partner in nlighten ( – a specialist Agile Transformation consultancy working internationally from its base in the UK. Andrew is a DSDM certified Advanced Practitioner, Trainer and Coach and a Certified Scrum Master (trained by Ken Schwaber at the UK's first public training course).  He first used DSDM in 1997 as an IT Project Manager at British Airways, experiencing delivery of three successful projects back-to-back, where previously any delivery at all had been a challenge.  Recognising the agility of DSDM as the game-changer inspired Andrew to help others achieve similar success with their IT based projects.


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