Remote working

Remote working in an Agile team

White papers
By Agile Research Network | 26 September 2016

Co-location is the ‘gold standard’ of Agile development, but distribution in one form or another is a necessary reality of today’s development activity for many organisations.

Distribution comes in three main flavours:

  • Distributed teams
  • Dispersed individuals
  • Hybrid teams

A distributed team consists of sub-teams in different locations, i.e. everyone in the sub-team is co-located with others in the sub-team, but the overall team is split between locations; this is commonly used in offshoring and global software development contexts.

A dispersed team describes the situation when each individual in the team is located in a different place so each individual is on their own.

A hybrid team is a combination of co-location and dispersed working, where there is a co-located team and one or two individuals who are located elsewhere and are on their own; these workers are referred to as remote workers.

This white paper focuses on the experience of one organisation that utilises hybrid teams for its software development. It explores the challenges faced by this organisation in using remote working, investigates one team in detail and summarises relevant findings from existing literature that help to address these challenges.