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Integrating UX design into a DSDM project

White papers

This first white paper resulting from research funded by the DSDM Consortium, looks at the challenges, working practices and lessons learned at DSDM members LShift Limited, a hi-tech software development company that works across a broad range of industries, languages and platforms.

Integrating user experience (UX) design into agile working is a challenge faced by many agile teams, not just those using DSDM. Although the work of UX designers and developers complements each other, the different goals, processes and working practices of developers and UX designers pose challenges in practice.

This white paper presents a chapter from the story of one organization’s journey to integrate UX design into the DSDM framework. It describes the difficulties they faced, working practices adopted and the lessons learned from their experiences of integrating UX designers into their DSDM agile process.

Interview with Mike Rowlands of LShift and Professor Helen Sharp of the Open University below

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