Webinar with Jenny Bailey

Webinar: Enabling Agility Through People


The level of VUCA - volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity - in our business environments is at a record high and people expect more from work than just a regular salary.

In this webinar, Jenny Bailey was joined by Pia-Maria Thoren, author of Agile People – a Radical Approach for HR and Managers (that Leads to Motivated Employees). Pia-Maria believes that the way people are treated will affect their behaviour, and that psychological safety may be the most important thing when trying to transform towards an agile value structure.

Pia Maria

  • How can we enable performance in these new business and people realities?
  • How can we create more VUCA-robust management models, which also work with and not against human nature?
  • How can we create a more engaging work environment, where people perform at their best because they want to, not because they are told to?

In this webinar Enabling Business Agility Through People we discuss that the main responsibility of managers and HR is to understand people and to give prerequisites for performance and motivation.