Agile Strategy

Webinar: Applying Agile Principles to Strategy


Agile as a way of tackling IT development came out of a frustration with the high failure rate of traditional waterfall methods. There’s a parallel with strategy; conventional strategy fails the vast majority of the time and to some extent, it fails for the same reasons that waterfall tended to. Like traditional IT projects, traditional strategy assumes that we can set requirements at the start, follow a linear path without deviating, and that the world will stay stable for us until we’ve finished delivering. Of course, for strategy that is almost never true, which is why it almost never works.

This webinar talks about some of the principles that underpin both “Agile” and “Agile strategy,” what some genuinely Agile strategy approaches look like and how they work.

Patrick Hoverstadt, Director, Fractal Consulting

Patrick has worked as a consultant since 1995, working with international organisations of all sizes, in both the private and public sector. He specialises in using systemic approaches, working mainly on strategy, organisational design and organisational change.

Patrick is the author of “Fractal Organisation”, a book on organisation design using the Viable System Model. Published by Wiley in 2008, this book has been used on seven masters programmes around the world. He is co-author of “Patterns of Strategy”, a book on a systemic approach to strategy published by Gower in 2017. He chairs SCiO a group of systems practitioners and is a Visiting Research Fellow at Cranfield School of Management.