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Reflective Insights Webinar Series: Top Tips for Agile Delivery Manager


The third webinar in our post-conference series, Reflective Insights, is now available to watch!

Jenny Bailey chats with Iwona Winiarska in our latest reflective insights webinar. Iwona, an Agile Delivery Manager at GDS, hosted a roundtable on the Top Tips for Agile Delivery Managers at the Agile Business Conference 2018. Iwona is keen to share her experiences and thoughts on our theme Creating Generation Agile.

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Iwona Winiarska

Iwona is an Agile Delivery Manager at the Government Digital Service. She leads multidisciplinary teams and transforms digital services across government.

Iwona is experienced in digital and technology delivering complex global programmes, digital projects and products to multinational companies across a range of industries: financial services, retail, media, technology, automotive and healthcare. She has worked with co-located and remote teams for clients including HSBC, Santander,, Apple and Unilever. Currently, her main focus is agile delivery so she helps the teams and organisations find better ways of working by using a variety of agile principles and techniques.

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