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Reflective Insights Webinar Series: Illustrating Agile


Episode 1: 31 October 2018

The first webinar in our post-conference series, Reflective Insights.

Jenny Bailey talks to Stuart Young, a business visualiser, Agile enthusiast and design thinker, from Radtac, about the recent Agile Business Conference, his thoughts on the keynote presentations that he captured in pictures and insights that he received from the community. This webinar was brought to you in association with Atkins.

Stuart Young Design & Innovation Practice Lead, Radtac

Stuart leads Radtac’s Design and Innovation Practice where his passion for business visualisation, Agile and human-centred design is brought to life. He has provided business visualisation at multiple global events (including the 2017 Agile Business Conference!) which have brought him international notoriety. By creating a visual information radiator, he translates concepts and processes into engaging visuals, simplifying complexity and accelerating learning. Stuart contributes to team and organisational visioning and planning events by offering captivating visuals that crystallise ideas, cultivate learning and drive innovation.

Stuart facilitates a suite of Design and Innovation courses that foster customer-centric creativity and innovation, harbouring Design Thinking and Agile practices, and supporting individuals in gaining the confidence to visualise and innovate effectively. The newly gained skills assist teams to solve problems and map ideas with the use of Design Thinking tools and visualisation techniques.