First Insights webinar series

First Insights Webinar Series - Scrum, leadership and managing risk in an unpredictable world with Simon Reindl


Episode 4: 17 September 2018

Jenny Bailey and guest speaker Simon Reindl discuss “Scrum, servant leadership and managing risk in an unpredictable world”

Simon Reindl, Director, Advanced Product Delivery

An experienced coach, trainer and technologist, with over 18 years helping people adopt new technology and realising business value, Simon has experience in a wide range of business domains, in both the public and private sector around the world.

His professional experiences combine to enable him to deliver the full range of Professional Scrum Training courses (PSF, PSD .NET, PSM, PSPO) as a Professional Scrum Trainer, as well as coach organisations at all levels – from the technical to the managerial. Simon is one of the Stewards maintaining the Professional Scrum Master course with Scrum.Org.

His passion is helping teams and organisations deliver better value by writing software that delights the customer. He does this by engaging with the people, facilitating their understanding and helping improve their performance.