First Insights webinar series

First Insights Webinar Series - Developing leaders and organisations for the digital age with Adina Tarry


Episode 3: 12 September 2018

This webinar looks at “Developing leaders and organisations for the digital age” and is hosted by Jenny Bailey with her guest Adina Tarry, AI Strategist, Coach and Business Psychologist.

The world around us is changing, becoming increasingly digitised and technology driven. The future is already here, with current and forthcoming consequences that will impact different people at different times and places, in different ways and with different levels of severity and speed.

So, what can we do as individuals to prepare ourselves? How can we tap into the wider or the more specific pools of knowledge and wisdom, to flexibly adapt and become Agile co-creators and beneficiaries of the future?

Adina Tarry AI Strategist and Coach and Business Psychologist

Adina Tarry embraced science and technology in childhood and was raised with short science fiction stories - instead of fairy tales – as part of her early reading.

In her first career, she worked internationally with blue chip corporations (IBM, Alcatel Johnson&Johnson, Bristol-Myers Squibb) in manufacturing, supply chain and quality management, enjoying the dynamic, innovative, and science and research driven environments of information technology, communications, pharmaceutical and fashion industries.

She refocused her second career on the development of “people in business” working as an organisation consultant, business psychologist, professional coach and Visiting Lecturer.

Adina’s recently published book “Coaching with careers and AI in mind: Grounding a Hopeful and Resourceful Self Fit for a Digital World”, is a synthesis of her expertise and experience in business, coaching and psychology. She informs and reflects on the individual challenges that face us in a constantly changing and technology driven world and the strong personal core that is required to empower individuals to face the future with a sense of agency and purpose. True to her authentic self, Adina positions an optimistic call to action for all to prepare, be hopeful and engage with the opportunities that the future may bring.

Adina is currently working on another book dedicated this time to the wider scope of effective and sustainable organisations.

She also dedicates some of her time to pro bono work, including with professional associations, actively supporting high professional standards in communities of practice.