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Exploring Agile Marketing


In this webinar, Pam Ashby discusses with Jenny Bailey how an Agile approach to marketing can help busy and pressured marketing departments.

The following points are considered:

  • Collaboration – breaking down the marketing silo
  • Starting small and measuring results
  • Avoiding opinion-based marketing
  • Crystal-ballitis – why don’t the experts know the answers?
  • Surviving departmental overwhelm
  • Staying on track – and remembering where you were going

Sabina Stoiciu gives first hand experience describing how Agile practices are being used on their marketing projects.

Pamela AshbyExploring Agile Marketing -Pamela Ashby

Pam Ashby’s digital marketing and project management qualifications frame what she knows, but her thirty years’ corporate marketing experience is the lens through which she judges what’s worked – and considers why. She believes that an Agile mindset and approach offers the right framework for modern marketing success.


Sabina Stoiciu, Head of Marketing at international Agile consulting group RadtacSabina Stoiciu

Sabina will share some insight into how Radtac’s Marketing team is using Agile. From visual information radiators to working in sprints, and stakeholder engagement to MVPs, Sabina will explain how you need to find something that works for your context.


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