Bringing Leadership Agility to Agile

By Bill Joiner and Debra Whitestone | 18 October 2017

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Bringing Leadership Agility to Agile from Agile Business Consortium on Vimeo.

Assessing and Developing Leadership Agility from Agile Business Consortium on Vimeo.

This recorded webinar introduces you to the developmental framework found in the award-winning book, Leadership Agility, and to the Leadership Agility 360, a ground-breaking feedback and action-planning tool designed specifically for today's new era of accelerating change and mounting complexity.

Too often, there is a mismatch between the philosophy and methods of Agile on the one hand, and the agility of managers actually sponsoring or implementing an Agile change initiative on the other hand. Telltale symptoms of this mismatch are escalating stress levels for all involved, declining morale, and a stalled or failed rollout.  Unfortunately, simply telling someone (or one's self) to be more Agile is rarely sufficient to make it so.

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