Seven Elements of Agile Culture DNA


The 7 Elements of Agile Culture DNA from Agile Business Consortium on Vimeo.


The underlying concept of Agile Culture is defined by the Culture and Leadership community as:

‘Creating an environment that is underpinned by values, behaviours and practices which enable organisations, teams and individuals to be more adaptive, flexible, innovative and resilient when dealing with complexity, uncertainty and change.’

DNA carries the molecular instructions for growth, development and function. So, if an organisation can embed an Agile culture in its DNA, it will be sustainable and guide ‘the way things are done around here’. For an organisation, having the ability to be responsive, adaptive, and successful in the face of uncertainty is both powerful and compelling. This is where we introduce the seven elements of Agile Culture DNA, as described in this video.

To learn more about Agile Culture DNA, read our 'Towards an Agile Culture' whitepaper: