Agile PMO - Fact or Fiction? Panel discussion Agile Business Conference 2018

Agile PMO - Fact or Fiction? Panel discussion


Agile PMO - Fact or Fiction?

As Agile becomes more mainstream, this can lead to tension between existing governance approaches and the lighter touch that Agile expects. In extreme cases, where both sides take a dogmatic approach, this can appear more like war than collaboration. The reality is that agile governance is both a reasonable expectation and indeed, a necessity, in a complex corporate organisation. A key factor for effective Agile governance is to build a collaborative partnership between the PMO and the Agile teams. Following on from the pre-conference session positioning 3 differing viewpoints on PMO engagement, this conference session will present a fuller discussion on “Agile PMO – Fact or fiction?”.

Video courtesy of the Business Transformation Network

Agile PMO - Fact or Fiction? - Agile Business Consortium from Business Transformation Network on Vimeo.

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