Sydney MTD

Agile Business Conference 2018


Find out how visitors to the Agile Business Conference were feeling at the event. What did they learn, and how did they benefit from the experience?

Obafemi Shokoya, Innovation Leadership Consultant at Shoknosi Ltd, tells us of his surprise there was such a commonality of purpose at the conference. He values the breadth of backgrounds represented and that everyone is clearly fully committed ‘to make a difference’. Patrick Hoverstadt, Director at Fractal Consulting was really struck by the degree to which the speakers clearly cared so very much about their subjects. There was passion in the room, to a degree he felt was really quite rare.

Katharina Shedlackova, Portfolio Integration Manager at Royal Mail, comments on the good balance between theory and practice at the conference. “It’s been very real” she says. Vikram Jain, Founder of consultancy JCURV highlights the ‘massive opportunity to learn’. As an expert himself, he stresses “there’s so much insight that I’m getting, that I can take back, that’ll benefit my clients.”

Joost de Jonge, Head of Transformation Practice at Schroders, describes the content of the conference as “wonderful”. He finds the mix of interactions, including roundtable discussion “has worked really well”.

Peter Singline, Director at Singline & Co., also speaks about the level of interaction at the conference, commenting on the sense of community. He liked all the case studies and the way the conference was “building a level of stimulation of what’s possible”. He observes that learning about what people are achieving in their organisations inspires others to try and achieve the same outcomes.

Cheryl Razzel, Global Head of Platform Operations at HSBC confirms that attending the conference has inspired her to go back to HSBC and talk about how other companies are working. For Eddie Obeng, Revolution Evangelist at Pentacle Virtual Business School, the conference is “like a fabulous wedding. There are loads of people here, lots of things happening, everyone’s laughing, everyone’s engaged, there are some great things going on. I think the conference is a really good setup for everything which is going to follow. Everything which is going to change the world.”

You can find out more about the Agile Business Conference 2018 and how to join us at the next event at #agilebizconf18