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Shaking up the Workplace

By Published by Public Sector Focus, July/August 2017 | 19 October 2017

Preview article for the Agile Business Conference 2017

Workplace practices need a radical shake-up across the board and at all levels if organisations are to survive in unpredictable times. Proven ways to achieve this will be unveiled at this year’s Agile Business Conference, with behavioural change, budgeting, marketing and digital innovation among the topics under the spotlight.

Strip out cost, stress and uncertainty

David Taylor, founder of Naked Leader, the international leadership consultancy, will reveal how organisations can strip out cost, stress and uncertainty while getting value, confidence and agility from their workforce.

Presented jointly with conference organisers the Agile Business Consortium, the “Fast-Track Behavioural Change to deliver 3 times more…” session will reveal seven steps to becoming a stronger, more resilient and adaptable organisation.

David says: “By focusing on some simple fundamental principles, leaders can quickly unleash the full potential of their workforce and create an organisation that will deliver greater value and profit even in challenging economic times.”

Galvanise employees and improve productivity

On a similar theme, Chris Roebuck, Visiting Professor of Transformational Leadership at Cass Business School London, sets out the simple steps employers can take to galvanise employees and improve productivity – delivering 10%+ on the bottom line for virtually no cost.

He says: “The ways to get the best from your people and focus their energy on achieving your strategic aims are so simple, they are guaranteed to work.”

Of direct relevance to the public sector there is a workshop on the effective development of online services based around Agile and Digital Services.

Agile and Digital Services integrates the world-leading project management framework AgilePM with Government Digital Services (GDS) guidance to provide a new training course and qualification.

Deliver digitally wherever possible

Geof Ellingham, Chair of the Agile Business Consortium, says: “The public sector is committed to delivering services digitally wherever possible and the Government Transformation Strategy 2017-2020 calls for improved skills in Agile project and programme management.

“This new course and qualification will help meet those twin goals by tailoring AgilePM to the public sector and aligning it with existing civil service guidance, enabling a consistent approach to implementing GDS standards in an Agile way.”

John Lewis will provide a case study of a business that has embraced digital change to respond quickly to market trends and customer needs.

Their lessons learnt include how changing the planning cycle from annual to quarterly exposed constraints in working practices.

Moving away from traditional methods of financial planning

The inadequacy of the annual business cycle will be explored further by Dr Steve Morlidge in his “Beyond Budgeting” presentation. He shows how moving away from traditional methods of financial planning promotes agility and is enabled by new ways of structuring, leading and governing organisations.

Further insights into succeeding in a changing world are given by Dr Patrick Dixon, who examines how global trends are set to transform retail markets, whether in terms of demographics, agile packaging, niche marketing, faster delivery or sustainability. Companies that identify and respond to these trends, he says, will be able to delight customers with small changes that have huge impact at little cost.

Published by Public Sector Focus, July/August 2017