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First published: PMToday March 2018

Agile techniques have brought the rigour and creativity they demonstrated for IT and software development into the wider business world, and now they are becoming increasingly valued in education. You don’t have to look far to find experiential learning techniques that reflect an Agile approach and Agile values. Increasingly, these are tapping into still wider benefits by using specific Agile techniques, such as Scrum.

For many students, it’s difficult to focus in a traditional ‘chalk and talk’ classroom environment. Their brains are used to heavy stimulus from multiple electronic devices and exposure to rich media material that engages multiple areas of the brain. Research has shown that the old school approach of simply handing over knowledge and leaving it to the student to internalise, in a way that can be accessed and paraphrased in exams, doesn’t work anymore.

What the next generation’s workforce will need is the skills that differentiate us from robots. These include effective communication and collaboration, ability to inspire and motivate, and most importantly, retaining a calm head when overwhelmed by change. Learning needs to move beyond being an internal and individualistic activity. This requires new and appropriate tools.

Some schools use Agile approaches to help children to focus on one thing at a time, to complete a task before starting another, and to be equipped to evaluate their work through a retrospective approach. The review phase at the end of experiential learning has proved to be a critical step in moving the subconscious learning that results from gamification and other experience-based approaches, to the conscious mind. The retrospective makes the learning sustainable.

Scrum Educational Experience creator Aga Gajownik will be at the Agile Business Conference to help us explore the evolving role of Agile in the world of education.


Aga GajownikAbout Aga

Aga Gajownik is a hackathon facilitator, startup coach and trainer and enjoys helping ambitious people to make things happen!

She has a long track record working with entrepreneurs, the education sector - particularly higher education - and social impact organisations. Aga has a deep-set belief in the value of preparing young people for the workplace and runs hackathons and acceleration programmes for teenagers and adults to encourage an Agile approach to learning.

The creator of SEE, Scrum Educational Experience, she supports business owners to set up and run sustainable companies without burning out too soon (think work life balance).

Aga speaks English, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Russian, and is a qualified Scrum Master and NLP Coach.

First published: PMToday March 2018

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