Bringing "Leadership Agility" to Agile

By Bill Joiner | 11 October 2017

To truly “be” Agile, leaders need to go beyond adopting an Agile mindset, as important as that is. They also need to develop certain inner capacities that enable Agile leadership, closing the gap between espousing Agile and “being” Agile. In this article, Bill Joiner sheds light on hidden sources of managerial resistance to Agile using two scenarios, one an Agile software development adoption, the other, an Agile transformation. Most importantly, he draws on his in-depth research and decades of consulting experience to identify exactly what these inner capacities are and how they can be developed through a sequence of stages.

Introducing this article in the Leadership issue of the Cutter Business Technology Journal, senior Agile practitioner Don McIntyre says, “Joiner has created a leadership development model that works exceptionally well in companies undergoing an Agile transformation. The cognitive and emotional capacities that Joiner helps leaders identify and develop fit perfectly with the principles and values of Agile development. I have used Joiner’s model while helping various companies with their leadership development and have found it a great tool for creating a productive dialogue and building Agile leaders within the leadership team.”