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Agile Business Conference 2017 - Transformation and Leadership

Agile Business Conference

By bringing together best practice and research on Agile business change management, the Transformation and Leadership stream provided a platform to introduce, present and discuss viable new models.

This equipped and enabled today's leaders to survive and thrive - and to rise to the challenges of driving Transformational change witnin the demands of a truly Agile Business.

Image of Chris Roebuck Keynote Speaker at Agile Business Conference 2017Optimising your ability to deliver personal and organisational success - Chris Roebuck

What is the current state of organisational effectiveness?

What % of successful implementation is really happening?

How can we optimise the chances of success?

Two simple steps: getting the best from people then focusing that onto what delivers success

How do we get the best from people?

What is the role of emotion?

How do we focus that best onto what delivers success?

Entrepreneurial thinking and leadership.

I CARE leadership as a holistic route to success

Creating a “we” not “me” culture

What actions can you take to enhance the chances of success?

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This is an image of Steve Morlidge speaking at Agile Business Conference 2017Beyond Budgeting - Steve Morlidge

Steve talked about the Beyond Budgeting model and how moving away from traditional methods of financial planning anchored on the financial year promotes agility and is enabled by new approaches to structure, lead and govern organisations

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Ideas to Production, Safely in a Day - Paul Shepheard

This talk aimed to share Deutsche Bank’s ongoing journey to address two seemingly competing business drivers - increased control and increased agility. Paul Described how DB is evolving its approach to how technology risk is managed; from a starting point of lengthy, often manual processes to a world of business agility enabled by continuous automated compliance.

image of Paul ShepheardHere are some of the topics he discussed:

- What is control at a bank

- How change is traditionally governed in finance

- How to start the lengthy process of cultural change

- Make the right thing also the easy thing (eliminate, simplify, automate)

- The importance of automation

- Describing maturity across the enterprise

- Cloud infrastructure and the power of homogeneity

- it’s not just about change (how your operating processes impact your changes processes)

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becky_davis_130x173.jpgAgile Transformation: what does that really mean? - Becky Davis

One of the world’s largest multinationals has started a global transformation programme to become “an Agile organisation” by 2020. In this presentation, Becky Davis asked

What does Agile transformation look like?

How do we engage diverse groups on the journey?

Does our Waterfall history offer any clear lessons?

Today’s world is complex and fast moving. This drives organisations towards improved agility; but there’s no “one size fits all”. AXA has a significant global presence which embodies different cultures, different skill sets, different ages. Change professionals need to understand that each individual is on a different journey, defined by their own experience. As millennials come into the workplace, it’s clear that their motivations are different from baby boomers. How can organisations embed an Agile culture when the starting points are so diverse?

Becky shareed her experience leading AXA transformation in the UK and considered how organisations can most effectively embrace agility.

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Image of Peter Measey speaker at Agile Business ConferenceThe top transformation issues and how to solve them - Peter Measey

Peter, drew on his vast management experience, international Agile transformation consultancy experience, and 20 years experience as CEO of Radtac to discuss the top transformation issues that he typically encounters in organisations; and how many of those organisations have addressed solving the issues.

he endeavoured to cover as many key issues as possible, including:

Enabling Agile Business Transformation not just Agile within IT

Measuring the Return on Investment of business transformation

Agile leadership - do we have what it takes to lead an Agile transformation

Why Agile is failing in many organisations

Shaping Agile contracts

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stephen_graftonThe Alchemy of Enterprise Agility - Stephen Grafton

Steve asks What is your level of agility? Is your development Agile? Have you achieved an Agile IT? Are you delivering all of your business benefits? Have you reached the state of ultimate Organisational Agility?

Organisational Agility is a continuum where organisations have transformed to a fully “Responsive Enterprise”. Transforming to a responsive enterprise requires far wider thinking than simply changing the way IT develops software.

Steve shared his practical insights and experiences transforming large complex organisations - taking them on the journey to Organisational Agility. You will be able to assess your current level of Agile Maturity and the journey you can take to achieve higher levels of Enterprise Agility. This will help you establish the alchemy for achieving a responsive enterprise.

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Image of Dan NorthBusiness Agility Transformation Clinic - Dan North & Paul Shepheard

There are many aspects to organisational agility, many ways to start on the journey, and many ways to come unstuck! Dan has been coaching a number of organisations over the last 7 or 8 years, and Paul has been deeply involved in several transformation programmes from the inside.

This session was an open clinic— where you decided on the topics and these were discussed with you—covering any and all aspects of organisational agility and business transformation, with two people who have been on the journey a number of times. 

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image of Paul Shepheard