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Agile Business Conference 2017 - People and Culture

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The People and Culture stream covers and discusses a range of topics, practices and examples to help individuals, teams and organisations to re-energise and enthuse others. In turn, this may influence behavioural change and create an organisation where collaboration - and the benefits of collaboration - are recognised, encouraged and developed to become the norm.

Global Trends Impact on retail Supply Chains - Patrick Dixon

Image of Patrick DixonSix Faces of the Future form the shape of a spinning cube, and also spell the word FUTURE - each of which will have an impact on supply chains over the next 10-20 years. Small things which have huge impact for very low cost, will create magic for customers - the key is identifying what those are.
Fast: We need Agile strategies and Agile packaging which can adapt almost in real-time to changing events
Urban: Demographics will be the biggest single predictor of future demand
Tribal: Every brand forms a tribe - niche marketing is the future
Universal: Expect huge waves of scale, consolidation and automation across retail globally, more shared warehousing and supply chain integrations.
Radical: Expect new retail models, with huge shifts to even faster delivery.
Ethical: Sustainability, time and resource efficiency, environmentally friendly packaging and other issues will affect the industry.


Image of Nairy McMahonCreating Systems Inspired Leaders and Teams - Anne Rod & Nairy McMahon

With the advancement of technologies, our lives are becoming faster than ever. As leaders, we are navigating more in the realms of uncertainty, ambiguity and volatility, and operating in multicultural and diverse arenas as part of our norm.

We now need to develop additional skillsets and mindset to enable us to thrive in this dynamic world, equipping our leaders and teams of today to be the leaders and teams of tomorrow.

We need systems-inspired leaders and teams who transcend beyond emotional and social intelligence and develop the powerful lens of Relationship Systems Intelligence (RSI™).

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jeremy_renwick“Structure Drives Behaviour” – Introducing the Minimum Viable Organisation - Jeremy Renwick

The evidence that “structure drives behaviour” is all around us e.g quarterly reporting driving short-termism and hierarchical organisations focused on delighting senior executives rather than customers or citizens. 

Unless organisational structures are changed, any transformation or cultural change will not last; the old ways will re-assert themselves. 

The imperative to move to Agile organisations is now acute; existing organisations are being undermined by new entrants, new entrants struggle to scale in a way that maintains their ethos.  The stresses and strains caused by these struggles have a very human cost in health and well-being. 

What’s needed is a generic Agile organisational structure to replace the traditional hierarchy.  One that genuinely enables and empowers people. 

Jeremy outlined his ideas on what he calls the “Minimum Viable Organisation”.  An organisation that is designed to “minimise damage to people and cost” and can react quickly to our increasingly unpredictable world.

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Image of David Taylor the Naked Leader speaking at Agile Business ConferenceFast-Track Behavioural Change to deliver 3 times more… - David Taylor & Katie Taylor

…Value, Confidence and Agility from the people that you already have. while stripping out cost, stress and uncertainty

Why? Because when you achieve this, you can achieve anything. Organisations that do this will be strong, resilient, and adaptable, no matter what their competitors, politicians or the economy are doing. Those that don’t, won’t.

This is an image of Katie Taylor speaker at Agile Business ConferenceIn Naked Leader we call it the new 1st Rule of Business – for all organisations all over the world.

That’s the what

Now – the massive question - How?

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Creating Intelligent Change - Anne Rod & Nairy McMahon

ann_rod_-_130x173.jpgIt is time to reframe change and seriously examine how to navigate the constant flow of impulses and activities which are impacting our teams, organisations and life in general.

We need to create environments and a language where intelligent teams can be created and sustained, allowing us to tap into the immense resources and intelligence that exists before our very eyes. It is time to take a leap from modernist ideas with one strong leader at the helm, to engaging the talent and expertise that is readily available in teams and organisations. And to harness this potential through empowerment and engagement.

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