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Agile Business Conference 2017 - Digital Services

Agile Business Conference

The Digital Services stream provides examples, presentations and discussions to illustrate and understand how organisations must - and can - become more adept at making their products and services available online, and ever more quickly, more responsively and with a focus on increased success through new opportunities and innovations.

hugh_wallaceDelivering digital public services around the needs of users - Hugh Wallace

This session looked at how the Scottish Government is driving change through its approach to digital.

It covered how the new Digital Strategy for Scotland, launched earlier this year, sets the context for work within the Digital Directorate but touches on all areas of government, including shaping the way Social Security benefits are being delivered in Scotland. 

It will highlight how key components such as the Scottish Approach to Service Design and the Digital First Service Standard provide a cornerstone for the work being carried out.

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Image of Jai WhitingAdapting a traditional TV business to the digital consumer - Jai Whiting

Media and sales channels are constantly evolving, but does this necessarily mean that the principles behind the old models are irrelevant?

Are businesses too quick to insist on starting from a blank canvas when developing their digital offerings and inadvertently abandoning fundamentals that could be carried over to new channels?

Jai Whiting, Head of Digital and E-Commerce at JML, shared how JML has taken the core principles of their innovative and long-standing DRTV model and adapted it into an effective digital offering.

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anna_urbaniakDigital Product Delivery Model at John Lewis - Anna Urbaniak & Christine Hull

The digital age presents traditional retailers with big challenges, as the competition is no longer just other department stores. To address this, John Lewis has been on a journey to becoming a digital business that can respond to market trends and customer needs quickly. In this talk, we will share our journey towards organisational agility and what we have learnt while transitioning from delivering projects to running a fully productised delivery model. 


We will share with you how changing our planning cycle from annual to quarterly exposed the contraints in our working practices, how they impact our workflow, and what we are doing about it. We will discuss our experience of scaling and what metrics we are using to know we are traveling in the right direction.


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Agile Digital Services Skills In the Public Sector - Geof Ellingham

The Agile Business Consortium is developing a new course and qualification bringing together the robust approach to Agile project management in AgilePM, with the usercentred approach to digital service evolution established by Government Digital Services (GDS) in the GOV.UK Service Manual.

Headshot of Geof Ellingham Agile Business Consortium DirectorBoth elements of the new course are world-leading - AgilePM is the no 1 Agile project management qualification, and the UK has topped the OECD digital government tables repeatedly.

However, this is the first attempt to bring the two together - and the resulting course, “AgilePM and Digital Services” is now part way through beta testing within central government, local government and the NHS.

Find out what we’ve learned from beta testing and user research, contribute your knowledge and insight to our final iteration, and find out how you can use the new qualification to build deeper, more consistent skills within your workforce.

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Image of Roly StimsonLean Governance of Agile Digital Service Delivery Projects - Roly Stimson

Truly Agile lifecycles, based on collaborative discovery, validated learning, user-centred design and userexperience prototyping are being deployed across all sectors to deliver and evolve digital services of unprecedented scale and complexity. Everyone agrees on the need for good governance across such lifecycles, to ensure that ROI is maximised. But there is currently little shared understanding of how to achieve this without adversely impacting agility.

This session used the widely-adopted GDS “Discovery, Alpha, Beta, Live, Retire” lifecycle and the OMG Essence standard as reference models to explore governance options and candidate policies and checks to guide and control incremental investment in progressing Agile digital service delivery initiatives. 

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