Catalyst Consulting Ltd

What we do

Catalyst Consulting is a professional services company, enabling results for our clients supporting them to improve efficiency, service and overall performance and to transform their business through Lean and Agile thinking.

Catalyst Consulting provides consultancy and training solutions that develop the right capability and skills to create and deploy a culture of Continuous Improvement. This results in saving valuable time and money, improving service and enhancing both customer and employee satisfaction.

We are working collaboratively with clients to establish new best practices to execute Continuous Improvement and Transformation projects using Agile as an accelerator.

Benefits evidenced:

  • Reduced time to benefits and project cycle time
  • More predictable schedule
  • Improved team motivation
  • Focus on the critical few

 “These improvements would have taken at least 6 months to get approved and implemented previously. I’ve never got this done this quickly before”

Lucy Ginger Essex CC

“We were interested in an approach which would reduce the time. That was the original thinking, but I think it has given us a lot more than that”


“Blending them together (Agile and Lean Six Sigma) can give you greater benefit. The key differences are that we have been able to work at a more rapid pace. The predictability of what we can achieve in sprints have been greater. We have seen benefits such as our cycle time, more togetherness in our teams and more shared ownership. It adds to the toolkit we have the in the Lean Six Sigma experience. It works very well”

Wayne Fisher, SKY