13th Annual State of Agile Report

The 13th annual state of agile survey

21 May 2019

The 13th annual state of agile survey was conducted between August and December 2018. Sponsored by CollabNet VersionOne, the survey invited individuals from a broad range of industries in the global software development community and was promoted far beyond CollabNet VersionOne’s customer base at tradeshows and on multiple digital channels. 1,319 full responses were collected, analysed, and represented in this report. Only 17% of the respondents were CollabNet VersionOne customers, indicating the range and diversity of respondents.

The survey report includes responses from software professionals around the world who shared the latest trends practices and values in agile. The survey saw an increase across global diversity, with Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa each showing an increase as a percentage of the total number of respondents.

From a business agility perspective, it is interesting to see the reasons for adopting agile and agile maturity changing.

Reasons for Adopting Agile

Agile culture and a people focus has seen an increase in importance, improving team morale has increased to 34% compared to 28% last year. Take a look at the Agile culture whitepaper and the Agile leadership resources.

13th Annual State of Agile Report - Reasons for Adopting Agile