Open Door Incentive

Return of the ODI for DSDM Agile Professional

By Marketing Team | 24 February 2017

Return of the ODI Open Door Incentives

Applications now open

Back by popular demand, 2017 will see the Agile Business Consortium once again open the doors (excuse the pun) to the Open Door Incentive.

Following on from the success of last year’s initiative, we will again be offering a limited number of DSDM Agile Professional exams free of charge.

These incentives are only open to Agile Business Consortium Members who meet the entry criteria, full details of which can be found on our website.

Closing dates for applications is 17 March 2017

Closing date for synopses is 21 April 2017

So the sooner you return your application the longer you have to complete your synopsis.

If you require further information please contact 

Download the Application Form


DSDM Agile Trainer-Coach - A new incentive

Building on from the success of the ODI for DSDM Agile Professionals, we would like to offer our members the chance to take their DSDM knowledge to another level at a greatly discounted cost.

The DSDM Agile Trainer-Coach works with organisations to support DSDM projects, and helps reassure an organisation that they are being given good advice and guidance. 

In order to promote best practice in Agile Project Management, we would like to offer potential candidates a 50% reduction in the cost of the DSDM Agile Trainer-Coach certification for a limited period. This discount is only available to members and will mean you pay just £189.60 +VAT.


Before applying for this certification, you must:

  • Be a member of the Agile Business Consortium
  • Hold the DSDM Agile Professional certification (previously DSDM Advanced Practitioner)
  • Have two years DSDM experience
  • Have coached at least two DSDM projects of at least three months each

If you are not already a member you can join here. Even with the cost of individual membership, you will still be getting this exam at a discounted rate.

It is strongly recommended that potential candidates read the Candidates Guidelines thoroughly before submitting an application. 

If you require further information please contact

Candidate Guidelines