London Member Day

London Member Day Review 15 September 2016

27 October 2016

Thank you for joining us at the London Member Day on Thursday 15 September 2016.

Andrew CraddockMyself and Andrew Craddock, our Innovation Director, welcomed delegates to the day and informed them of future developments at DSDM, bringing everyone up to date with the Consortium’s current news.

Andrew then presented “Planning and Control the DSDM Way” in which he explained the eight principles and discussed the method in more detail.  Based on the feedback received, this turned out to be a really good refresher for some members.

The second presentation of the day came from Mariangela Federico, a member of the Consortium who had never spoke in public before.  Battling through her nerves, she managed to give us an insightful session entitled “Agile Governance: Are we doing the right thing?” It was a very relevant presentation and it was clear that she is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the subject matter.

This is a photo image of Adam MitchellNext, Adam Mitchell treated us to a case study regarding a project that he managed at Cardiff University.  He was able to reiterate the eight principles and gave us specific examples of how this was achieved and the learning points along the way.

After lunch, we were delighted that Barbara Roberts, Director of the Consortium and also the co-author of the “Estimating Pocketbook” could join us.  She gave us a presentation detailing the “how, when and why” Estimating should be used.  She also gave some useful insights into her rules when it comes to Estimating, the number one rule being:

“An estimate is (almost) always wrong - that is perfectly normal and to be expected”

More information on this subject can be found in the Estimating Pocketbook which is available to purchase in our webshop.

The Agile Clinic Panel consisted of  Andrew Craddock, Barbara Roberts and also Jennifer Stapleton, who joined us after examining some potential DSDM Agile Professional candidates in the morning.

The topics of discussion focussed on points taken from the presentations in the morning and also the following subjects:jennifer_stapleton.jpg

  • Are projects still valid?
  • Integrated projects, collaboration and goals?
  • The role of the Business Visionary?
  • The challenges ahead for DSDM?
  • The role of the BA?

The entire Member Day was filmed, and all of the presenations and discusssions on the day have now been uploaded to our website. You can now view all of this valuable material at your own convenience.

View the videos from the event