Peter Cheese

HR ‘should ditch nonsense policies and start again’

By Maggie Baska, People Management | 3 October 2018

First Published by People Management 28 September 2018


If you were at this year's Agile Business Conference, then you may be familiar with Peter Cheese's talk about HR needing to “throw away nonsense policies and start again” and "put human in the heart of our thinking” to create an engaged and Agile culture in the workplace. 

Maggie Baska, writer for People Management magazine, one of the largest circulating HR magazine in the country, sums up Peter's session perfectly.


Peter Cheese Chief Executive, The Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD)

Key points from the article:

  • “If you want to create agility in your business, you have to upskill and reskill,” he said. “Historically, we have not been doing L&D well. We’ve got to teach people to adapt, and the reality is that we also have to teach ourselves to adapt.”
  • “The problem with that is people are holding onto knowledge because they think that not acting in that new [agile] way will allow them to keep their job,”
  • “The more leaders encourage people to be self-aware, what drives their decision-making, the more able they are to align that with what they do in the workplace.”

Written by Maggie Baska, People Management magazine

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