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Emotional intelligence in Agile Project Management/Leadership

9 July 2018

We want to fully support the next generation and their research to ensure they are learning about Agile, using Agile and being Agile.

Recently, several of our members from Westminster University have come to us for assistance with finding Agile subjects to interview for their degree research, and we think it would be great if our community could come together to provide them with everything they need and more.

(Veera) Katri Kärkkäinen is studying MSc Project Management at the University of Westminster. For her dissertation she is researching Emotional Intelligence in Agile Project Management/Leadership. To gain insight from different perspectives she is looking to interview Project Managers and Leaders as well as Team Members in Service Design projects that are Agile or use Agile methods. 

To understand the role of emotional intelligence in these projects the interviews focus on three topics:

  • Agile methods being used in the project and organisation
  • Leadership role and perception of leadership and management in these projects
  • Emotional intelligence in project context and the role of the different emotional intelligence components identified in academic literature.

The main areas of her research are:

  • Project Management and Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence in leadership and in teams
  • Agile Project Management and Service Design

Please get in touch if you work in Agile Service Design projects and would consider participating or could connect Katri to someone working in this type of project. Your help would be greatly appreciated in gathering rich information for strong research.

Interviews will take place between 5th July and 20th July 2018 - either face to face or remotely - and will take approximately 45 minutes. Interview materials will be emailed to participants beforehand.

Contact KatriKatri Karkainen

Telephone: +44 (0) 7719159938


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