Call for Content - Opportunity to Promote your Content

By Katie Taylor and Alan Furlong | 16 November 2017

The Agile Business Consortium is creating a collaborative learning platform as part of our vision to promote, support and enable business agility, we are developing a collaborative learning platform. We have produced a podcast that gives a brief demonstration of the site, and you can access the prototype site to have a look around for yourself.

We are also inviting content from members and partners that will be acknowledged and credited to the originators to help populate the site.  There is a content guide here that outlines the types of content and details of how to submit.

Please feel free to forward this to others who may want an opportunity to share their content.  If you need more information contact or  

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Explore the Prototype

Why would you want to get involved?

There are five main reasons:

  1. Firstly, your customers need learning that is convenient. Of course, they will attend training courses in person but the need for e-learning solutions is growing rapidly.
  2. Agile Dojo is a community hub. Our vision is that it becomes the “go to” place for learning and collaboration for the Agile community. This means more consumers of your content, more potential customers and ideally a regular driver of net new business to your door.
  3. You need to be where the market is moving to, and according to Docebo “The eLearning market is predicted to experience significant global growth over the next five years, largely driven by advances in technology, evolving business needs and a number of emerging Learning & Development trends.”
  4. Offering this content is an easy and effective way of building rapport and trust with multiple customers at once, without having to leave your office, potentially making it much easier to open doors to new clients.
  5. Using this platform is also a less risky way of testing and measuring new ideas for training, getting real-time feedback without investing significant time in money, tools or strategies that may not be required.