Agile Success Factors - A qualitative study about what makes Agile projects successful

8 January 2019

The Agile Research Network (ARN) have teamed up with the Swiss Agile Research Network and the Victoria University of Wellington to further their research into agile projects.

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We would like to invite you and your organisation to take part in this International survey, exploring the comparative between IT projects.

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The study is based on a survey of IT companies and IT professionals. We want to find methods, techniques and practices used in organisations and how these affect success and satisfaction. 

We invite you to participate in the survey. 

Completing the questionnaire takes about 17 minutes. 

It is possible at any time to interrupt the filling and resume it at a later date. Your information will be kept completely confidential and will be used exclusively for study purposes.


Background and objectives

The goal for this survey is to create an International Agile Study capturing data about software development all over the world. It is important that the same survey is completed in various countries in order to produce some comparable data.


The previous Agile Study setup

Previously the study has been conducted bi-annually on even years. It consists of two online surveys - one being a “company survey” and the other a “professional survey”.

People's voice


How to get involved?

If you want to evaluate your Agile business, learn where improvements are needed, confirm your successes and find out where you fit amongst the industry standard, take part in the International Agility Survey.

Company survey

The company survey aims to get an overview about how companies work around the world. For this one response per company is required and is typically taken from the top and upper management teams.

Each company also receives a link to the personal survey. With this survey a kind of “management view” is created on how software development is done in a company. If one individual from your organisation would like to participate in the survey please register your interest here.

Professional survey

This is an anonymous survey, in which any IT professional can participate. This survey link is distributed all over the world and across social platforms and other media.

Take the survey

Both groups fill out identical surveys, except for the “My Agile” questions, which are only filled out by the professionals.

The two surveys allow for comparison between management data and professional data. How well do they fit, are they different? Help us find out!


Next steps?

If your organisation would like to participate in the survey please register your interest here.

If you would like to take part in the Individual professional survey, please submit your response below.