Consortium Chair, Geof Ellingham

Agile recruitment on the international stage

8 May 2019

Consortium Chair, Geof Ellingham, recently presented at the Business Agility Conference in New York on the agile recruitment process used to find our new CEO.

As a result, Geof and the Consortium have been featured on InfoQ, a global software development blog with over 19,000 subscribers, and also the Agile Toolkit podcast from US-based Lithespeed.

Both pieces are interviews that make interesting reading and listening. In describing why the Consortium decided to adopt an agile approach to recruitment, Geof said to InfoQ:


I don't want to hire bundles of skills, I want to hire complete human beings who are going to develop complex, dynamic relationships with other human beings. What I want and need to see with me in the interview room is a whole person, not a collection of anecdotes.

Consortium Chair, Geof Ellingham

To learn more about our recruitment process and access the interviews for yourself go to: