Digital Services

Agile Digital services reaches the public space

30 July 2018

The public beta course is now available to the wider world. After several iterations of private beta courses, the feedback has been collated and now published for public review.

With APMG’s support the beta course will be delivered through accredited trainers. During this phase feedback is highly welcome and encouraged.

This Agile Digital Services handbook and course emerged from the Agile Business Consortium’s work, bringing together valuable learning from the background and experience both of general Agile approaches and that of Government Digital Service (GDS) and focuses on developing and continuously improving services using Agile concepts and techniques.

The handbook will help organisations to develop a consistent agile approach, a common language and a skilled workforce (with appropriate accreditation opportunities) for the successful design and delivery of digital services, whether through evolving improvements or step-change transformations.

The handbook and course is aimed at all those who are involved in the delivery of digital services, including government and private sector organisations, and we are confident that all members of multi-disciplinary service delivery teams, and those who support them, will find its guidance useful: for the development and delivery of simple, single services, through to multiple, complex services at scale.

The handbook is currently available from our web shop at a reduced cost during this public beta phase.