Peter Stansbury at the Public Sector Enterprise event 2017

Agile Digital Services - Developing the right skills!

5 December 2017

Peter Stansbury (Lead Author of Agile Digital Services) presented to the delegates.

  • What is AgileDS?
  • Where does Agile Digital Services stand between GDS and AgilePM?
  • Who should be interested? Who is it tailored for?​

Peter sums up these questions in his 15minute presentation.

Agile Digital Services - Developing the right skills! from Agile Business Consortium on Vimeo.

Video Courtesy of Whitehall media

Demand for Digital Services is growing, and Agile delivery appears critical to meeting these needs in a timely and cost-effective fashion.  Helping develop the right skills is the objective of the Agile Business Consortium’s latest initiative: a combination of training, accreditation and ongoing development combining Agile PM’s robust approach to Agile project management with Government Digital Services’ (GDS) user-centred approach to service design.

Peter Stansbury SM PSEICT Nov 2017

Peter Stansbury, Lead Author for Agile Digital Services

Peter is an Agile coach and consultant with more than 30 years of global commercial experience with a wide range of organisations in both the private and public sector. Working initially in software marketing he moved into project and programme management and more recently into coaching and consultancy, helping teams in the UK, France, Poland, Germany, India and USA adopt Agile and lean working practices.

He is also working with the Agile Business Consortium as lead author developing the new Agile Digital Services training course and qualification, designed to support the public sector in further improving its ability to deliver Digital Services through Agile projects and programmes.