Agile Business Conference 2019

Agile Business Conference 2019: The Case for Business Agility

By John Mark Williams | 15 February 2019

Welcome to the Agile Business Conference 2019: The Case for Business Agility

This year’s Conference marks 25 years of the Agile Business Consortium, a quarter century that has seen momentous change in society, economies, the environment and the technology that surrounds us. For our 17th annual conference, we are delighted to be co-hosting with the Business Agility Institute.

Rarely has the Case for Business Agility been so clear. From lean management to failing fast; from disciplined agile to agile procurement – every concept, every principle, every element of organisational performance is being drawn toward the mindset and behaviours that characterise Business Agility, and with good reason.

The environment in which we live and work is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Business Agility is the knowledge, skills and attitude to be swift, nimble, responsive and predictive – and it is no longer an option if we want our organisations to thrive.

When we look around us, the case for Business Agility is already made. The Agile Business Conference 2019 will take us beyond the thinking and the talking, and closer to embedding Business Agility in our behaviours and our performance. We’ll be hearing from organisations who are currently implementing agility in their businesses, and learning of the challenges and successes they encounter along the way.


Join us for the Agile Business Conference 2019.John Williams


John Mark Williams

CEO, Agile Business Consortium