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A New Round of Open Door Incentives

15 December 2017

Unlock your Potential

Following on from the success of previous schemes, we are delighted to be able to offer the Open Door Incentive again in 2017/2018.

This incentive is only open to Agile Business Consortium members and Agile experience is a pre-requisite before applications can be accepted.

Please note that as well as meeting the criteria set out in the guidelines, candidates must ensure that they have the time not only to complete a synopsis, but also be ready to take the exam in January. We cannot offer extensions for submission of synopsis, so if you feel you will not have the time, please wait for a further round of exams to be announced.

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The DSDM Agile Professional is an experience-based certification drawing on a candidate’s personal involvement in a project and their in-depth knowledge on the theory of DSDM.  As a minimum, candidates must have at least six months’ practical experience using either DSDM or another Agile method, and have a thorough knowledge of DSDM theory. 

Candidates who submit a successful application and synopsis will be fully tested on these at an oral exam.

Full details of the process along with an application form can be found on our website, and potential candidates should ensure they read the guidelines before submitting their application.

Link to Level 3 – DSDM Agile Professional page  

The next round of submissions is currently open and will close on Friday12 January 2018. The closing date for receipt of synopses is Friday 9 February 2018, so the sooner you apply, the more time you will have to work on your synopsis.  Exams will be held in Spring 2018.

If you require any further information before submitting an application, please contact

Why is DSDM Agile Professional valuable?

From the point of view of an individual, passing DSDM Agile Professional builds confidence and shows others that you understand what you are doing, are doing things in the right way, and your ability has been assessed by independent experts. All Agile Professional candidates comment on how much they have learnt during the process, particularly when reviewing their own projects for the synopsis.

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Having DSDM Agile Professional on your CV demonstrates to existing and potential employers that you are serious about doing a good job, and shows that “I do DSDM right” is part of the way you work.

From the point of view of an employer, DSDM Agile Professional provides a useful external assessment that members of staff using DSDM are doing so in the right way. This certification often forms part of internal professional development of staff members.

Terms and conditions apply and numbers may be limited from individual organisations. Those who have previously been deferred under the ODI scheme should not reapply under this scheme, but should follow guidance given in their deferral letters. Candidates will only be allowed to resit the oral examination once under the ODI.  Any further resits will be subject to a fee.