Corporate Membership

Join us as a corporate member and we’ll support you to grow in agility, right across your business


The Agile Business Consortium is the professional body for business agility. We’re a not-for-profit organisation that is dedicated to advancing business agility worldwide.

When your organisation is striving to become more agile in its approach, it helps to be connected with a wide community of business agility specialists. Join us as a corporate member and we’ll support you to grow in agility, right across your business. We’re agnostic and inclusive across all domains of agile and agility, and can help you to build knowledge and competence so your teams can be more responsive and innovative – resolving your customers’ challenges and delivering your organisation’s strategy in an adaptive and sustainable way.



The Agile Business Consortium can support you with:


What next?

Step 1 – let us know you’d like to join us and how many of your colleagues you’d like to have access to our member resources

Step 2 – We’ll send you a tailored quotation for your organisation – ensuring you get the best value for your membership. As a not-for-profit, we maintain a low cost of entry to membership with individual Associates paying just £49 a year, and Professionals £99.  

Step 3 – Your welcome pack will include: 

  • Your dedicated contact person for queries
  • An Agile Business Consortium Corporate Membership logo for your website, to show your commitment to business agility
  • Login details for our knowledge base, so you and your colleagues can access our resources


Our commitment to Corporate Members

  • We’ll stay alongside you, keeping track of how your challenges evolve and working with you to either provide or signpost you to the support you need
  • You can access training courses, coaching and consultancy from our fast-growing network of accredited delivery partners
  • We can also provide CPD accreditation for your in-house training

Most importantly, you’ll know that when it comes to growing in business agility, you’re not alone.



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