Level 4 - Agile Project Trainer-Coach

Personal certification

The Agile Project Trainer-Coach certification is for those working with or within organisations to support AgilePM or AgilePF projects and the team’s early steps. Using a certified Trainer-Coach helps reassure an organisation that they are being given good advice and guidance.

The Agile Business Consortium holds a list of Certified Agile ProjectTrainer-Coaches.

Before applying for the above certification, you must:

  • Hold the Agile Project Professional (previously DSDM Agile Professional) level certification
  • Have two years DSDM experience
  • Have coached at least two DSDM projects of three months each

During the oral exam the Agile Project Trainer-Coach will be expected to demonstrate an accurate understanding of DSDM, based on their personal experiences. The Agile Project Trainer-Coach will need to demonstrate the ability to address or avoid typical project problems as well as understanding the team dynamics. The Agile Project Trainer-Coach must also demonstrate an understanding of how DSDM can be integrated with other management and delivery approaches.

It is recommended that you read the Candidate Guidelines thoroughly before submitting an application.

  Application Form


  Candidate Guidelines (NB these are currently being reviewed, inline with the renamed certification, but the procedures remain the same)