Level 3 - DSDM Agile Professional

Personal certification

The DSDM Agile Professional certification (previously DSDM Advanced Practitioner) is aimed at anyone who is actively involved with DSDM or other Agile approaches. It is an experience based certification, drawing on the candidates in-depth knowledge and personal involvement in a project. Candidates who achieve the certification say the process has made them look at their projects in greater detail, and helped them to understand how to better demonstrate best practice and deliver successful business benefits.

There are four steps towards achieving certification

  • Gain practical experience
  • Submit an application form to DSDM Consortium
  • Demonstrate your experience and understanding of DSDM
  • Prove your DSDM knowledge

If you have a minimum of six months project experience using either DSDM or another Agile method, you can apply for the above certification.

It is recommended that you read the Candidate Guidelines thoroughly before submitting an application.

Candidate Guidelines

Application Form

Writing a Good Synopsis

PDF iconSample Synopsis - A DSDM AgilePF Project

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