Learning and exams

The Agile Business Consortium provides certification of individuals and accreditation of training courses to guarantee and validate best practices in Agile. 

Personal Certification

Attaining DSDM personal certification is designed to:

  • Allow individuals to demonstrate their ability and have their competence assessed by others who are knowledgeable and experienced in this area.
  • Provide an organisation with an independent measure of a person’s knowledge and ability.
This could be used by an individual’s manager as part of staff Personal Development or by a potential employer. This is particularly valuable where an employer is not an expert in the area, and therefore some form of independent assessment and validation is needed.

Course Accreditation

The aim of course accreditation is to ensure that when someone attends a DSDM training course, the material and message of that course is correct, accurate and aligned with current thinking.

Consortium Accredited Training

All Consortium accredited training is delivered by certified Trainer-Coaches, who have practical hands-on experience of working on DSDM / Agile projects, as well as in-depth knowledge of the theory.
This ensures their training brings the handbook to life, focusing on agile applied to real life project experience.
Contact info@agilebusiness.org for more information.