The Management Shift for Agile Leadership and Organisational Culture

Transform Your Leadership: Join The Management Shift Workshop 


Are you ready to transform your leadership style and elevate your organisation to new heights of agility and performance? Join us for an impactful workshop on The Management Shift, an evidence-based approach that has garnered multiple awards for its effectiveness in creating agile businesses. 

The workshop will enable you to start your organisation’s transformational journey. It will help you to implement agile leadership style and start creating agile organisational culture.  


Why is this topic significant for senior leaders?  

Low levels of productivity and performance (with a direct impact on profit) are largely caused by inadequate and outdated leadership approaches. In the age of 'The Great Resignation' and 'Quiet Quitting' it is known that people do not leave their jobs,they leave bad bosses. Consequently, leaders play a critical role in the success of any organisation.  

Research also shows that the majority of employees are disengaged, lack purpose, and have low trust in their leaders. Furthermore, highly engaged employees can lead to a 202 per cent increase in performance. A 1per cent increase in engagement will lead to a 0.5 per centincrease in profit, and millennials prioritise 'people and culture fit' above everything else. Many of these issues can be addressed through agile working.  

Session aims  

Understand the need for a shift in management/leadership style from ‘command and control’ to a more agile, collaborative and inclusive style of leadership.  

Appreciate the fundamentals of individual and organisational culture change to create a high- performing agile organisation.  

Understand the 5 Levels of The Management Shift approach and use them for ongoing change.  

Use proven techniques to kick-start culture change in your organisation.  


Key points covered:  

  • Comparing traditional and emerging leadership   

  • The challenge of leading in the post-pandemic world  

  • Successful strategies for improving engagement, collaboration and innovation  

  • Discussion: Leadership challenges in participants’ organisations  

  • How to become an agile leader – 5 levels of individual and organisational culture  

  • Introducing the 6 Box Leadership Model (organisational scan) for organisational transformation 

  • Creating agile organisational culture  

Key takeaways will include:  

  • Plan for individual transformation (the ‘Big Shift’ from Level 3 to Level 4 of TMS framework)  

  • Reflection on the key agile leadership traits needed to become an agile leader  

  • Plan to improve key 6 organisational areas to start creating an agile organisation 




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