Dave Snowden Presents : Scaling Agile in a Complex System - Decomposition and Recombination

Key Takeaway

This will introduce a major new open source initiative within Agile and also more widely in related fields such as organisational development and strategy: 

Based on the principle that complex systems scale by decomposition and recombination, HEXI allows for a multi-vendor approach to using methods and tools, creating unique assemblies in context rather than following a prescribed recipe.  The launch partners included,  Agile Business Consortium, Comic Agile, Team Topologies, agile42, the Flow System and Essence.  

The workshop will provide both the underlying theory and principles behind the approach and practical experience in using the physical artefacts.  The underlying theme is very much about becoming a chef rather than a recipe user and working with the originators of the methods, or those licensed by them.

Format: Half-day workshop, combining play and talk, using Hexis.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the scientific principles behind scaling in complex systems
  • Discover new ways to integrate agile methods and tools into the wider business and organisational environment
  • Gain practical experience in how to facilitate a Hexi session


Dave Snowden

Dave Snowden

Chief Scientific Officer, The Cynefin Company



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