Our International Ambassadors promote and represent the interests and products of the Consortium across the globe. Some of the tasks they carry out involve attending and organising events, writing articles and case studies, posting to our International blog, as well as participating in webinars.

If you have any ideas or events coming up that you think might be of interest, please contact your local ambassador using the details below.

International Communities

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Rachel McLinn - International & Membership CoordinatorRachel McLinn - International & Membership Coordinator

As the main contact for International Ambassadors, I am here to support all by keeping them informed with business updates and helping spread the word of the Consortium’s message globally. I am also on hand to answer any membership enquiries, for existing or potential members.

Outside of the office, I enjoy yoga, reading and cuddling my dog…not necessarily in that order.

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Dieter Strasser - Ambassador for Germany and AustriaDieter Strasser - Ambassador for Austria and Germany

I have been a keen supporter for AgilePM since my first contact in 2011. The whole product-family are an expression of my attitude. I´m glad to act as an International Ambassador and be a valuable part in the Ambassador group. This helps me to exchange my ideas and get new inspirations. Outside my enterprise I love sports, animals, culture and beer.

Seit ich über AgilePM gestolpert bin, agiere ich als glühender Verfechter dieser Philosophie. Die ganze Produktfamilie überzeugt mich immer wieder. Es ist schön, einen wertvollen Teil zu liefern. Austausch und Inspiration unterstützen mich laufend. Ausserhalb meiner beruflichen Tätigkeit liebe ich Sport, Tiere, Kultur und Bier.

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Simone OnofriSimone Onofri - Ambassador for Italy

I am a Director of the Consosrtium and an Ambassador for Italy. In my all-day job I am a 15+ year exp Manager of a multinational strategic consulting firm for Cyber Security. Also in this context the Agile mindset is  final. I hold some qualifications form AgilePM, CSM, PRINCE2, P3O, ITIL, 27001, COBIT e GXPN, GREM, OSCP, OPSA.

Sono un Director del Consorzio e uno degli Ambassador per l'Italia. Nel mio lavoro di tutti i giorni sono un Manager con 15+ anni di esperienza per una società di consulenza strategica per la parte di Cyber Security. Anche in questo contesto il mindset Agile è fondamentale.

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Claudia SpagnuoloClaudia Spagnuolo - Ambassador for Italy

Board Member of the Italian Institute of Project Management, and Chief of the Agile Project Management Committee. She worked on projects of Identity & Access Management and Governance, publishing and web projects. Author of articles on project management, leadership and agile techniques. Today she is accretited Trainer and Business Mentor.

Membro del direttivo dell’Istituto Italiano di Project Management®, dove è anche capo della commissione Agile Project Management. Ha lavorato su progetti di Identity & Access Management and Governance, progetti editoriali e web. Autrice di articoli su project management, leadership e tecniche agili. Oggi fa il Trainer e il Business Mentor.

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Pete Jones - Ambassador for SwitzerlandPete Jones - Ambassador for Switzerland

With a strong track record of delivery throughout the development lifecycle, many of which used just enough process in order to deliver reliably, I am passionate about using Agile techniques. With some success using DSDM, I have become a fan of what the Agile Business Consortium has to offer and am interested in helping others do the same.

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Switzerland Community Group



Rui Carvalho - Ambassador for Portugal

Rui - Ambassador for Portugal

In 2012 I did my MSc dissertation in Distributed Agile Development. Since then I've been using Agile as an IT professional in co-located, distributed, multi-cultural, e-commerce, digital media and FinTech companies. I also hold several certifications in Agile. My goal is to bring the Agile community together to share knowledge and take us beyond excellence.

Em 2012 fiz a minha dissertação de Mestrado em "Distributed Agile Development". Desde então tenho usado Agile como profissional de IT em ambientes co-localizados, distribuídos, e-commerce, media digital, e Fintech. Possuo várias certificações em Agile. O meu objectivo é unir a comunidade Agile para partilha de conhecimento e levar-nos para além da excelência.

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Kathy G. Berkidge - Ambassador for AustraliaKathy G. Berkidge - Ambassador for Australia

With 30 years of experience in IT, I deliver Agile training, coaching and consulting services to many companies and organisations in Australia. I have been practicing mindfulness for over 20 years and am passionate about seeing people, teams and organisations succeed and thrive within an environment of collaboration and harmony.

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Myriam Hamed Torres - Ambassador for SpainMyriam Hamed Torres - Ambassador for Spain

I started my journey in Agile as Project Manager using DSDM Agile Project Framework. I’m Vice Chair of the Agile Business Consortium and PMI UK Agile Forum promoting the benefits Agile practices across industries. As International Ambassador, I’m hoping to share the knowledge and good practices of the Consortium in my home country.

Mi viaje en Agile empezó como Project Manager usando DSDM Agile Project Framework. Soy vicepresidenta del Agile Business Consortium y PMI UK Agile Forum promoviendo los beneficios de las prácticas ágiles en todas las industrias. Como embajadora internacional espero compartir el conocimiento y las buenas prácticas del Consorcio en mi país de origen.

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Rose Chu - Ambassador for ChinaRose Chu - Ambassador for China

A seasoned ex-IT head at government and Asia Pacific regional office currently as an expert advisor & coach in government, social responsibility institutes in Great China. Also as a passionate and devoted researcher and mentor on sustainability and cooperative management in village farm co-operatives, piloting a S.A.F.E platform to provide safe and affordable food, in return helping famers to become middle-class farming entrepreneurs in China and Africa.

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China Community Group



Anders Larsson - Ambassador for SwedenAnders Larsson - Ambassador for Sweden

I have around 15 years of experience as an Agile practitioner and a solution architect. Within these roles I work to bridge the business needs into viable technical solutions, an experience I like to share with the community as an ABC International Ambassador. I have been in the board of the Swedish DSDM Consortium since 2006.

Anders har ca 15 års erfarenhet som agil coach och lösningsarkitekt. I dessa roller arbetar han med att brygga verksamhetens behov till gångbara tekniska lösningar. Denna erfarenhet delar han gärna med communityn i egenskap av att vara ABC International Ambassador. Anders har suttit med i styrelsen för det svenska DSDM Konsortium sedan 2006.

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Ian Stokes - Ambassador for FranceIan Stokes - Ambassador for France

Focused on project, program and portfolio management, especially for innovation and leadership, my vocation and service is to be a guide, facilitator and tutor. Based in Paris and working across international boundaries and beyond software (aerospace, healthcare, consumer products…) I encourage clients (20% MBAs and 80% Business) to develop an attractive, effective and high quality work environment.

Centré sur la gestion de projets, de programmes et de portefeuilles, je suis guide, facilitateur et tuteur. Basé à Paris et travaillant à l'international non seulement dans l’informatique (mais aussi dans l’aéronautique, santé, produits de grand consommation ...) j'encourage les clients (20% MBA et 80% Business) à développer un environnement de travail qui est attractif, performant et de qualité.

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Mirosław Dabrowski - Ambassador for PolandMirosław Dabrowski - Ambassador for Poland

Starting his carrer in IT in early high-school, Mirek continues his journey through different specializations in IT. Today as an entrepreneur a CEO and he is running several companies including a software house and consulting/coaching company. He helps small startups, big corporation, financial institutions and banks in becoming more Agile.

Rozpoczynając karierę w IT we wczesnym liceum, Mirek kontynuuje swoją podróż przez różne specjalizacje w IT. Dziś jako przedsiębiorca, dyrektor generalny i prowadzi kilka firm, w tym software house i firmę konsultingową / coachingową. Pomaga małym startupom, wielkiej korporacji, instytucjom finansowym i bankom stać się bardziej zwinnymi.

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Poland Community Group



Serhiy Kovela - Ambassador for Ukraine

Serhiy Kovela - Ambassador for Ukraine



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ADAM - uk ambassador

Adam Mitchell - Ambassador for UK

Having worked in IT and Software development for over 20 years, I am passionate about being agile and the success it can yield when applied correctly.

I have worked for a number of different organisations across a variety of industries including ARM, IBM, and Napp/Mundipharma, and I now lead a team of solution developers at Anglia Ruskin University.

Being agile to me is common sense, but requires commitment and buy-in from all levels - once you have that, the results speak for themselves and great things are delivered by great teams. 

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Jude - UK Ambassador

Jude Paterson - Ambassador for UK

An experience practitioner, I am passionate about the benefits agility can bring across the whole of a business. As an independent consultant I bring a breadth of knowledge across a wide range of agile related areas and sectors. The wider focus of Business Agility that the consortium promotes matches well with my own beliefs that empowered and motivated staff are required across all sectors of business and not just software. I am proud to support the consortium as an International Ambassador, based in Scotland supporting the whole of the UK and keen to support others learn from their experience.

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Mike - Ambassador for Canada

Mike Griffiths - Ambassador for Canada

Mike is an enthusiastic practitioner with a long history of contributions to the agile community. He helped create DSDM in 1994 and has been using agile approaches ever since. He served on the board of the Agile Alliance and Agile Project Leadership Network (APLN) and remains active in the agile community presenting at conferences and writing his blog.

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Ady Dike – Ambassador for Nigeria

Ady is a Director of Agile Practice and Membership at the Agile Practitioners of Nigeria whose chief aim is to empower and engage individuals, leaders, and organizations with practices, principles, and values that create enjoyable and productive workplaces. She is also the MD of Caleb Consultants, and has a 16 year track record of leading complex projects, programs and portfolios across sectors within an iterative environment and coaching multidisciplinary teams across organisations. As a certified Leadership Agility 360 Coach, Ady is a great believer that leadership agility is a necessity in today’s VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world and particularly enjoys helping people, teams and organisations to develop agility in the way they operate.

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Lasse Borris Sørensen - Ambassador for Denmark

Lasse Borris Sørensen - Ambassador for Denmark



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Jeroen - Netherlands Ambassador

Jeroen Guertsen - Ambassador for Netherlands

Successful organizations are equipped to know when and how to adopt the right amount of change. My passion is to embed in organisations this change competence, by setting up change and project processes, training people in the competencies that they need and developing leadership capabilities. I believe that Agile thinking is crucial for success!.

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John McGrath - Ambassador for Ireland

John McGrath - Ambassador for Ireland



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