Webinar: Procuring an Agile solution: The commercial realities of an Agile approach

8 March 2018

Location: Online

Time: 11:00 - 12:00


Providing guidance on the governance required when an organisation collaborates on an Agile project.

Finding answers to the following issues:

  • “fail to plan, plan to fail” – how do participants identify, articulate and agree the scope of a project without losing flexibility as the project evolves?
  • “it’s my bat and ball” – what does good collaboration look like and who “owns” the solution if both parties have contributed to its development?
  • “time gentlemen, please” – what happens when needs are met before the solution is complete and who pays for what?
  • “fail fast, fail often” - who bears the commercial risk if the project fails to deliver and who pays the price?

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Stewart James from Agillex

Stewart is a commercial lawyer with over 20 years experience of drafting and negotiating technology contracts and is the author of the Agile contract template on behalf of the Agile Business Consortium. 

Image of Stewart James

Previously a partner with one of the world’s largest law firms, Stewart established Agillex in 2014 with the aim of providing flexible and collaborative legal services.  The company now provides a range of professional services throughout the commercial life cycle, including support to programmes using Agile methodologies.

Stewart also advises on public procurement, privacy, information assurance and technology issues.