Webinar: Digital Services

5 July 2018

Location: Online

Time: 11:00 - 12:00

Duration: 1 Hour


The Agile Digital Services (AgileDS) handbook and accredited training will soon be released as a public beta, which means anyone can take the qualification as well as helping us improve the content for the next release later this year.  Join the webinar to hear the latest details on the release, find out what is new and see how you can help.

AgileDS is a new product from the Agile Business Consortium (accredited by APMG) and is aimed at all those involved in the delivery of digital services, including central government, local government, the NHS, and private sector organisations.

It has been designed to be useful to all members of multi-disciplinary service delivery teams and those who support them. For those with a good grasp of Agile methods, we introduce guidance on elements that might be new, such as user research, user experience design and digital performance analysis.  At the same time, we cover the fundamentals of Agile culture and delivery as well as demystifying Agile jargon for civil servants and others who are new to Agile.