Leadership Agility 360

The Leadership Agility 360 Coach Certification Workshop

13 November 2017 - 14 November 2017

Location: London, SW1W 0SJ

Time: 9:00 - 17:00

Duration: 2 Days


13-14 November 2017

The Leadership Agility 360 Coach Certification Workshop

Grosvenor Hotel, London, SW1W 0SJ

The Leadership Agility 360 Coach Certification Workshop trains you to use a next-generation feedback and action-planning process, especially designed to address the challenges of today's "VUCA" environment.

For more information about this innovative feedback and development process, see the full brochure

This forward-looking assessment process rests within a "vertical development" framework, based on the extensive research underlying the award-winning Leadership Agility book. Coaches and organisations around the world say that this feedback and action-planning process:

  • Provides leaders with refreshingly respectful, "get-able" feedback, directly applicable to their current leadership initiatives
  • Gives leaders a clear and inspiring road-map for their leadership journey
  • Results in more powerful development goals and action plans that get to the heart of what leaders need to focus on. 

This training is intended for coaches with professional coaching  training and experience coaching leaders.  It is not designed for Agile Coaches who coach clients how to do Agile, but who have no training in leadership coaching per se.  Also welcome are Human Resource and Leadership Development managers preparing to  use the 360 in their organization's programs. 

We are currently holding a limited number of superior rooms for delegates at a preferential rate, please contact info@agilebusiness.org with your Eventbrite booking reference.


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"In this era of rapid change, leadership agility is more essential than ever. This tool helps leaders rethink and rewire their behaviors for the emerging environment around them. In a period where doing what you've always done can stalemate a leader's effectiveness, this instrument is a springboard to an enriching “path-forward” that can give lift to leaders charting new territory." - Colleen Gentry, Cambria Consulting

Leadership Agility has really changed the way I coach and I’ll be forever appreciative. It provides an elegant framework and roadmap that my clients really embrace. They are leading faster, better, stronger than ever and excited about their runway. We think it’s a GPS for leadership growth that busy leaders love, because it’s a framework that they can grasp and act on! Jodie Charlop, NCC, CMC, Exeleration Partners