situational agility webinar

Situational Agility - Agile is not prescriptive!

26 February 2019

Location: Online

Time: 6:00 - 7:00

Duration: 1 Hour


0600 - 0700 GMT

1700 - 1800 MELB, AEDT

Situational agility is about the ability to adapt depending on the situation at hand, looking at short-term wins for longer-term gains. Being adaptable and being flexible.

Instead of improving in isolation, let’s look at commonalities to enable us to drive stronger organisational outcomes.

Join me, Jenny Bailey, with my guest, Fatimah Abbouchi, Managing Director of Agile Management Office, as we take you through a high-level overview of: 

  • The problem with prescriptive agile practices
  • Situational agility
  • How organisations are responding and what have they learnt along the way

What are the impacts of not applying situational agility