How to increase productivity in the UK - Vikram Jain

How to increase productivity in the UK

14 February 2018

Time: 11:30 - 12:30


Vikram is the founder of JCURV, a consultancy with the sole focus of increasing the agility of the UK. Vikram and the JCURV team work with the Boards of FTSE 100 organisations, public bodies and charities to help transform the way their enterprises work in order to respond faster and more efficiently to the market. JCURV has recently supported the launch delivery of a $1bn programme for a FTSE 100 organisation using Agile ways of working. Previously, Vikram worked at Oliver Wyman, Lloyds Banking Group and Gemini consulting.


Overview of the webinar:

Vikram will cover how Agile ways of working can fundamentally help increase the productivity of entire organisations by over 70%, going beyond the IT functions. He will also cover JCURV’s approach to supporting entire organisations, from board to frontline, adopt this way of working to ensure it is sustainable.


From participating in this webinar, you should come away with insights into the strategic applications of Agile ways of working, how you kick-off a corporate Agile transformation and how it can be applied across an enterprise.

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